Still not man enough to cut himself a piece…


I see the Chief of Wiltshire Cops has been ORDERED to cut himself a rather large slice of the aforementioned pie…after (shock…) the appeal court told him to go forth and multiply.

Speaking through gritted teeth yesterday the Chief said, “In his judgment Mr Justice Ouseley said his order must now be followed by the force ‘with full regard to its conclusions, and the failure of this unarguable challenge… I will now enter into discussions with Mark Andrews and his representatives in relation to his integration back into Wiltshire Police as a warranted police officer. The Police Appeals Tribunal accepted that Mark Andrews’ actions were intolerant and discreditable and I felt they were a disgrace – there was no place in Wiltshire Police for this behaviour then nor is there now. While I believe the Police Discipline Panel’s decision to dismiss Mark Andrews was correct, I accept the legal authority which states he must be reinstated.’

He will get his back pay too…lol.
I remember how the Chief was quick to slide a knife into the Sgt’s ribs…then, when found out to be wrong, didn’t have the balls to admit it… I bet he is a darling to work under…
Role on PCC?

6 responses to “Still not man enough to cut himself a piece…

  1. I would love to be a fly on the wall at that meeting!
    Well done PS Andrews.

  2. Guess he didn’t rise to the rank of Cheif Constable by being honourable or by being a proper copper.
    Wonder how long his shiny arse has actually ever spent in a custody suite, I’m betting not long.

  3. As an honourable man I am sure the Chief will resign in protest at this travesty?

    What’s that? Knighthood?? Cushy job with G4S?
    PS Andrews should be posted to Wilts PSD. I am sure his perspective would be a positive influence there.

  4. So… This man was convicted of assault, successfully appealed and his conviction was quashed… and Wiltshire Police STILL sacked him? Upon what grounds??

    There is altogether too much of this going on at present. If his conviction was quashed he has committed no offence. I appreciate the double jeopardy process that all police officers are subjected to and appreciate that a disciplinary panel would probably have been appalled at what they witnessed on camera but… if the principle reason for your dismissal has been expunged, then how can a Chief Constable genuinely argue with that? The CCTV footage was ugly and, as we all know, there have been other matters captured on camera that have led to colleagues getting the bullet – for example Simon Harwood, so it perhaps unsurprising that the Chief in question tried to fire Andrews off.

    Methinks this may set a welcome precedent… for the Chief.

  5. I think that should read “unwelcome precedent”…

  6. I am glad that Mark Andrews has got his job back. But in fairness, the CC that sacked him has gone, and his deputy at the time is now Chief. But he is also culpable, being part of the system that got rid of him in the first place

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