Busy night…

Must be a change in the weather…that’s normally a thing we like to blame for drunken knobhead behaviour…

But… it’s probably just pissed up knobheads, doing what they do… getting pissed and being a knob.

My first job of the night was to sit with a ‘Smack-head’ in hospital whilst he practised swearing; shouting at the nurses and pulling out his monitor wires before falling into a heroin induced semi-coma that seemed to halt when the words ‘narco’ were mentioned… (narco is slang for the anti-heroin effect drug that blocks it’s effectiveness-leaving them ‘rattling’ for hours…). Eventually, after a painful wrist lock to aid the handcuffs going back on-and much more swearing-the staff nurse got the hump and filled him full of narco.

His face was a picture- especially when he realised he was in until Monday and couldn’t ‘de-rattle’ with good old H.  He did make me laugh when struggling to find words to insult me the best he could manage was ‘potato head’ lol…

Then onwards and downward…

I did something yesterday (this morning) I haven’t done for a long time-draw my baton.

I was dealing with two men and a woman that had fallen out and one chap was well and truly on it… he calmed down very quickly-good job really as the baton is useless…but there is something strangely comforting about the feel of a club… 😉

Then I dealt with two young ladies and a ‘gentleman’ that had a dispute with a taxi driver- he was a nice chap…patient…at first…. eventually, like we all do, he lost it and told them to leave… it turns out the girls didn’t know their male companion, BTW…

‘oh, taking his side…’

‘No miss…but you won’t allow me to …’

‘yes…coppers… you just..’

‘speak to find…’

‘this is why people hate…’

‘…out what happened…’

‘the police… and this is why girls get raped too!’

[getting a bit raggy…0300hrs, hungry, cold, tired, annoyed-sharply] ‘what? You mean getting into a taxi with a man you don’t know? A man that is lucky not to be arrested for being a knobhead? That you mean?’

[stares at me…then…]

‘and the Hillsborough thing… and that newspaper bloke…’

[puts fingers in ears and walks away] LA LA LA LA LA LA!

Taxi rank erupts with laughter…


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