Hero or terrorist?


I always thought that Guido was a bit of a chump-but he paid the price eh? I mean…hung, drawn and quartered…no comfy prison for baddies in those days…

Well… won’t be long now before we get the annual “officer…there are kids letting off fireworks!” calls…right after the “kids keep ringing my doorbell asking for sweets” calls begin to subside…

Of course we can always make time for these calls…at the expense of burglary and robberies, ahem.

There is a simple way to stop the firework calls-stop selling what are in essence, explosive pyrotechnics, to the public. However, the economy must come first eh? What about the poor families deprived of fun because of a few nutters eh?

Go to a display, says I.

I always find it amusing that we have such tight controls on firearms but none on:

  • fireworks
  • crossbows
  • long bows
  • catapults

Baring in mind that up to the invention of (and for some years after too) the firearm, the bow was the infantry projectile weapon of choice.

Also… that fireworks contain all sorts of goodies that could be used to say, kill people.

I mean…why wait for that internet page on how to make a fertilizer bomb to load when you can buy one from the High Street firework shop?

Still… no matter.

Should such an event happen the local Police can be blamed for not ‘anticipating the event’…

Here’s hoping it’s a Q one.


5 responses to “Hero or terrorist?

  1. Go to a properly organised display, it’s better in every way.

    (Now I would say that, because I get paid to rig and fire them).

    A family ticket might cost £30-40, but you will see £2000 plus worth of fireworks,
    in a carefully designed display, with a matching soundtrack. Proper Cat4 fireworks launch in barrages, not the piddly little Cat2 things you can buy in supermarkets.

    It’s got to be better than watching the old man stumbling round the garden in the dark, cursing, with a biscuit tin full of rubbish rockets, struggling to light them one at a time, while the dog cr@ps itself under the bed.

    Most retail fireworks contain less than a teaspoon of stuff, it isn’t very powerful and given the IQ. of most of your ‘customers’ they wouldn’t be able to dismantle them without losing their eyebrows.

    The trouble with bows is apart from requiring considerable practise and skill to use, they are bloody hard to stash down your keks, especially if the waistband is hanging round your @rse.

    Don’t knock Guido, Shij, he was the last man to enter Parliment with honest intentions. 😉

    • A personal hero of mine… 😉

    • Robert the Biker

      Now I have a compound longbow and I’ve never even considered going out to terrorise the neighbours (tempting though it occasionally be), nor have I used any of my Kukris or Katanas to sort the postman for delivering next doors mail to me and vice versa. Didn’t chase after the cat with the slingshot either.
      The point to all this is that it’s not the weapons, but the person in possesion. Leave us alone and stop looking for things to ban!

  2. On a more serious note, the biggest problems come from the shops that pop-up mid October, sell lots of Cat3 and even Cat4 Display fireworks to anyone that walks in off the street for cash, and then vanish.

    Anyone wiith a bit of nous would put together a joint op with Trading Standards and the HSE, (with Police support as and when required) to squash this. But given there are only 364 days in which to plan it, the same as Christmas, it always comes as a massive surprise.

  3. Round on my manor the local rozzers nicked a toe rag flogging cat 4 fireworks from his (the councils) house
    they confiscated loads of them top blokes
    quite a few in circulation though as the dodgy estate behind us sounds like the battle of britain its louder than a recent gas explosion
    if you want to buy fireworks no problem but they should be restricted to cat one only
    the other thing we get is shops opening up to selll fireworls and the gwtting robbed of all the stock followed by the battle of the bulge on the local council estate

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