The Shijuro sure-fire guide to avoiding death in Police custody…

1. Don’t get coked/cracked/shit-faced to oblivion and start a fight.

2. When the Police arrest you, stay calm. Remember: chances are, with a good brief you will be walking from the Police station within 3-4 hours.

3. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES: fight with; attack or threaten the Police. They are likely to: get more people; CS you; TASER you; handcuff you; leg restrain you.

4. If for some reason you are handcuffed; leg restrained, UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES continue to fight, swear, attempt to bite, spit at the Police as they will continue to use force on you to prevent same.

5. Should the Police arrive and you are genuinely defending yourself from attack: step back; put your hands up; say calmly and clearly you intend the Police no harm… Should the Police not believe you and arrest you follow steps [2] and [3].

I post this because once more we are in the frame for a death in custody… the corner in the Lenny McCourt seems to have missed the obvious facts that if you are coked out of your face and attack the Police with a hammer, they may actually fight back-not wanting to die presumably.

Perhaps that’s the officers mistake…they should have let him kill a couple of them first…

Shame on them eh?

Love the parents comments… they hold the Police responsible.

Mmm… I don”t remember reading the Police force fed him beer, and insisted he attack them?


A TASER could have stopped this man dying… I suspect one zap would have brought him down to Earth and stopped his ‘excited delirium’…before it started.


5 responses to “The Shijuro sure-fire guide to avoiding death in Police custody…

  1. Shij ED is a nightmare to deal with – I had one and took the guy to hospital where he tried to attack staff even whilst still cuffed. They wanted him out and I refused telling them what he was suffering from and that he was likely to have cardiac arrest soon as they had never heard of the condition. Dammed if we do and dammed I’d we don’t but the met did a fairly good input on it at OST a couple of years ago. Pity is its probably only those of us that taught it that will remember. Amazing how everything is apparently able to be sorted according to a coroner with a NCalt package

    • I dealt with a chap t’other day that was coked as feck… I had to cuff and leg restrain him… I did honestly think he could easily have gone to the great coke shop in the sky as his pulse was mega-said the paramedic…

      There but for the grace of Cliff ….

  2. What did the family reasonable expect to happen ? he made the call we didnt ask to be there , he took the drugs we didnt force them on him, he chose to pick up a hammer giving us no choice but to use preventative force ,he presumably still kicked off sufficiently for cuffs and restarints be applied,not an excuse(reality) but how many ‘prisoners’ feign illness/injury/unconciousness in the back of vans only to make lazurus type recoveries and again attempt to assault cops making us maybe less than compassionate given our numerous previously bad experiences,the fact that he was a trained fighter and we get a day of ‘self defence’ training a year ,a shameful waste of a life, but our fault ? I think not.On a selfish note the reduction and distance now involved in getting people to custody centres will only serve to put cops and detainees at further risk so maybe the coroner should make the SMT aware of this also.

  3. The fact that the parents ‘hold police responsible’ says a lot for me as to why he ended up a ‘criminal’ and taking coke. The liberal wishy-washy courts and this coroner failing to see that helpsmake more criminals because they see their problems are always the police’s fault. We have the perfect system in place to stunt people’s growth……there there…’s not your fault my likkle cwiminal….those nasty police….oh i shall tell them off. You could weep for the state of things unless you realise their reality does them no good.

  4. Two rounds of nine millimetre would have done the job better one in rhe leg one in the arm
    why is it the rubbish of society come to the fore

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