Oh that’s OK then eh sir?

A mini-Uzi machine gun has been recovered in Greater Manchester by police in an “unusual” discovery that will have “saved people’s lives”.

The gun was found with live ammunition by officers investigating an attempted robbery in Broughton Park, Salford.

Supt Stuart Barton, from Greater Manchester Police, said: “Undoubtedly, this recovery of a very dangerous machine gun has saved people’s lives.

“I would therefore like to praise the swift response of the officers who chased after these men as they had no idea the offenders were carrying such a weapon.”

“I would however like to make it clear the officers were not threatened and the firearm was neither directed at them or fired in any way.”

Have you ever heard anyone say anything quite as stupid?

And this is the man that is in charge of us…

Spouting the same crap that they have received from the home office…

‘don’t tell the truth about gun crime…’

perhaps PCC’s aren’t as bad an idea as we may think… I suspect they will go native quite quickly…



3 responses to “Oh that’s OK then eh sir?

  1. I thought banning guns had solved this kind of problem????

    Damn am I naive

    • Robert the Biker

      Yeah FT, these are a sort of Schrodingers Gun; they exist or don’t exist depending on whether or not the ‘no guns’ bullshit is looking good or not

  2. Not to mention the AK47 with 100 rounds, a silenced pistol, and an M16 found in London in the last few weeks.

    But it’s ok, there’s no gun crime here, despite merseyside police having an agreement with the local press to suppress the almost daily shootings going on there.

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