Cops to blame for …well everything…

I note with amusement we are now all in the frame for, well, framing the miners…

Mmm… I was not in the cops then… But that won’t stop Fred the seller of the Herald giving me jip… “I see you lot fitted up the miners eh?” He says today… “What, all of them?”, says I … “Even the ones that dropped a paving slab in that taxi driver? Murdering him ‘cos they thought he was a scab?”
“Err… What?”
“Anyway…I wasn’t in the job then… Not me…”

That’s the thing I hate most about the media in this country…everything.


One response to “Cops to blame for …well everything…

  1. Just coz you weren’t in the job then don’t think that gets you, me or anyone else off the hook. It is nice the see the MSM churn out all the bad news stories about what a bad lot we really are just in time for the Winsor 2 revelations. We deserve all we get, rotten to core we are.

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