IPCC to investigate Hastings murder…

Despite overwhelming evidence that William Duke of Normandy was responsible, no person has yet been bought to trial for the death of King Harold…

A written account of the event prepared in Bayeux was ruled ‘inadmissible’ by Judge Crumble yesterday because it hasn’t been stamped by the Pope; buried in a peat bog for 40-years and recycled as a fire lighter…

Chamois Choppybordey from Liberty was heard to say: “goddam pigs I hate them …eh? We are recording? Oh err no… Well look… They [the police] are responsible for everything that is wrong in the world now yes? So why not blame them for stuff that happened before most if the current officers were even in the job?”

PC Pleb from Plymouth was heard to say: “fcuk this fit a game if soldiers…I’m off to the pub…”


2 responses to “IPCC to investigate Hastings murder…

  1. Ha ha its not so far from the truth
    i see you are getting the blame for that tracksuit wearing chap
    you would have to have been very sure of yourself or stupid to have been.the poor sod to press charges

  2. Nail..hit....head....on.

    Have ACPO admitted responsibility for it?
    I think we have to accept that their was an intelligence failure and we got our tactics wrong. My thoughts are with King Harolds family.
    If lessons had been learned we might have prevented further Regicides. How many more Kings have died as a result of our failures.
    I am ashamed to be part of the Police….can we change our name to G4S now?….Oh not just yet…..i will wait.

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