Priorities are clear eh?

I see two dads has put his cards on the table regarding his priorities for the force…

Is it giving street officer taser as he is concerned about their safety?


Upgrading armour?


Making sure the cars have cages to transport PICs?

No…no !

He is on it because officers have tattoos…

This is the bloke IN CHARGE of the biggest force in the country!!!

God help us…


7 responses to “Priorities are clear eh?

  1. My default position is usually to disagree with any edict from ACPO,but this time I think BHH is right.Police officers should not have visible tattoos.I assume Shij that you have them?
    I realise i’m a dinosaur and i’m fighting a losing battle.

  2. why are these twunts allowed to impose their personal choices on their staff? Im not a fan of tattooes but my wife has a few and that doesnt make her bad. Just because someone has body art should not preclude them from service. Offensive tattooes are different I will admit……..

  3. Firstly , I do not have any tattoos , secondly I am entering my mid life crisis phase where passing thoughts of skydiving , buying a motorbike and a tattoo detailing my achievements ( two kids) are whiz zing through my malevolent mind daily , so given the restrictions placed upon me ,colouring my own skin with something non offensive should not be of acpos concern the ability to do the job should be the only concern that they should have worries over and they have been slowly stripping the front of the ability to carry out this basic function.the pc driven acpo lot have driven forward the selective discrimination process to provide a police force that reflects a cross section of. Society …..with that logic tattoos should form a positive selection criteria and not an exclusion clause , BHH……TFT !

  4. Whatever next ???
    Will they be banning freemasons !!!

  5. I have a shaved head. It doesn’t mean I am a neo-Nazi skinhead, just a balding man who feels I look smarter with my hair down “to the wood” as opposed to a monk’s tonsured look. Offensive tattoos, no. Tattoos (which are common place among the people we serve), fine.

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