Lifestyle choice or tragic victim of society…

I was speaking to a couple of tramps t’other day- as the Chief has no doubt been to a golf club do and one of the wives said, “Darrrling, I saw a tramp begging on the front yesterday…it quite put me off my lobster…” etc…

One seemed OK, the other had a massive attitude problem.

“Oi don’t car if ee larks me up…”

“Really? Why may I ask?”

“Oi gets a bed. Oi gets a meal…”

(interrupting) a CRASBO…”

“Oi don’t care…”
He is a habitual heroin user…he begs (steals) etc for the money to pay…

He is intentionally homeless.

So… what’s to be done with such a man?

No court will jail him-he is a victim.

On  lighter note…I see Gary McKinnon is up for a decision… I hope he likes playing ‘mummies and daddies…’


Lol… I love it when villains are sent to the states…they KNOW how to deal with ENEMIES of society…

Look at Hamza… here he had a massive house; money; the ear of the press…

…in the states they were umming and arring over whether to give him some HANDS …

Seriously though…how sad is it when the only way to see justice to idiots is to hope they are deported to another county?


One response to “Lifestyle choice or tragic victim of society…

  1. We used to send them to australia
    now they are all coming back !
    That mckinnon is playing the system he knew what he was doing
    perhaps even as we speak he is papering the walls with bacofoil?

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