Soldiers fighting in war accused of murder…

… at first my thoughts were WTF!!!!!

Accusing someone of murder in a nasty war like the one in Afganistan is like handing out speeding tickets at the Grand Prix…

We can’t know exactly what happened but… this sounds like we now have people in our armed forces like we have in our Police- only too happy to screw their own


13 responses to “Soldiers fighting in war accused of murder…

  1. Always makes me feel uneasy too. Glad that I’m not still in RMP!

  2. Nice adapted quote from Apocalypse Now.
    Hopefully it will all be thrown out at Court.

  3. I would have hoped that you would have waited for more to come out before posting a comment like that. Arrest doesn’t mean guilty, if they are guilty of behaviour amounting to murder then it must be dealt with. I don’t know what they have done, did they shoot a prisoner, a bystander, who knows, but I hope to find out.

  4. Thats worrying
    i wonder of money is involved ?
    Of course the taliban have a lovely record on human rights
    i think our troops do a fine job me i would just.shoot the fuckers on sight bugger rules of engagement

  5. Apparently it was “engagement with an insurgent” and no civilians were involved. WTF, do they need to say “pretty please put your AK47 down or I will be really cross with you”.
    Even their jobs fcked.

  6. Pvt Clegg all other again …. will they never learn

  7. No longer just accused – now charged! :/

  8. The allegation, as far as I understand it, is that a number of Royal Marines discussed whether to seek medical assitance for some wounded gobsh*te, who had just been trying to kill them, or leave him to die. The final decision is not known but with this current Government, the Bootnecks will be hung out to dry, the family of the dead terrorist will be invited to come to to this country, be given as house worth half a million Pounds, the children going to Cambridge and the ‘widow’ being named as the woman of the year. It certainly wouldn’t suprise me with the tossers we have in charge at the moment.

  9. My concerns as an ex-Bootneck and cop are – (1) What was on the computer than caused British cops to look at it in the first place? and (2) why oh why do these youngsters keep all sorts of shit like this on their computers? Saving tricky stuff always ends in grief

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