Police BLAMED for the Perminan/Triassic extinction event…

An extinct Crinoid… earlier today…


Calls for the IPCC to begin an investigation into claims today that the  Great Dying (an extinction event that occurred 252.28 million years ago) was caused by lack of Police action.

It killed off the Trilobites, indeed some 286 out of 329 marine invertebrate genera disappeared.

and…it was all down to Police failing to act.

Yes those ‘Boys in blue’ (actually, they wear black now…) sat smugly asleep in the cosy station, with their gold plated pensions and easy lives thinking of new ways to fleece the hard working motorist.

A man who has fallen asleep at an IDF booth
A copper asleep at his desk dreaming of fixed penalties…
A Happy happy Trilobite before Police inaction caused their deaths…
”Now they want taser”, said Chamois Chippybutty of Liberty, ”if their inaction caused the deaths of 95% of all life on Earth without taser, imagine what they will do with it?”.
Unsurprisingly, a Police spokesperson could not be found when we called the HQ to get a comment.
One officer told us it was silly to blame Police for the P/T event as humans had no part in it, also, nobody really knows what happened anyway.
Well, he WOULD say that wouldn’t he?

3 responses to “Police BLAMED for the Perminan/Triassic extinction event…

  1. You left out some SMT buffoon exclaiming lessons will be learnt and we reach out to the dinosaur community and will be taking steps to stop any asteroids happening again by introducing a 10 page risk assessment at every dinosaur hate related incident .

  2. lol…

    “so Mr Triceratops, how many times has this therapod been picking on you?”
    “well…he keeps calling me ‘horn head’ and trying to eat me…”
    “we will set up a cocoon-watch and …”


  3. I blame p c flintstone !!

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