Something Jim fixed…

So, Jimmy Saville is now in the frame for a bag-load of child abuse… who could have predicted that?

Err… well if you believe what’s written in the papers pretty much everyone at the BBPravda including Ester-founder of ChildLine…knew about it- but did nothing …biblical sized irony there eh?

Also… since a number of forces have ‘nibbled’ at Jim over the years and didn’t succeed any guesses how long it will be before we get the blame?

I give it a couple of days…

Thing is… Jim was a big name at the BBPravda -lots of viewers-lots of licence rev…good pub for the BBPravda… the very mention of the idea of him being part of a group of abusers (or as we called them on the Sex Offender unit- a ring…) would have been hammered into the ground pretty sharply.

I note that BBPravda has gone from- ‘there will not be an enquiry’ to ‘we welcome an enquiry’ pwitty qwick…now that the paymasters from the Home Office are involved…

Did you notice that the story disappeared for a couple of days on the BBpravda site?

Back now though… lol

Anyway… too late to get Jim… but plenty of time to get any chums… keeps us from talking about Leverson and the Tories eh?


3 responses to “Something Jim fixed…

  1. Allegations do not guilt make, as us of all people should know.
    Mr Savile is no longer here to defend himself and, as Shij mentions, a few forces looked at this including Sussex and got NFA.
    Unfortunately and sadly I think it’s down to £ and not justice that is sought. For how can you obtain justice against the dead? All that will suffer us his charitable causes .
    I wholeheartedly share your disdain for the BBC and their antics. Corrupt and hypocritical to the core like their champagne socialist chums at the Guardian et al.

  2. I agree that the BBC are corrupt and hypocritical to the core like all champagne socialist organisations.
    However Mr Savile is unable to defend himself and in our job especially we recognise that allegations most assuredly do not equal guilt. As Shij alludes to, previous enquiries led to NFA. I suspect motivations other than justice are at play here, as all that can suffer are his charitable legacies.

  3. Allegations in the Sunday Torygraph that Savile “paid off” police to avoid prosecution in 1958. You just knew that you’d get the blame, didn’t you – even though most of you weren’t even born then.

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