Weekly round up…

Well…am I glad to be on rest days!

The natives are DEFINITELY restless in the big town near my ‘beat’.

The local Kentucky and Bookies get the usual problems with groups of Somalians/Iraqis and assorted trash hanging around outside. They block the pavement and the good people of the seaside town just can’t get past without speaking to them. Of course, this isn’t helped by the known fact of the groups being responsible for a fair amount of the street robberies.

Fortunately, my gaffer is a ‘no-nonsense’ type and says things like, “arrest them” and “move them with extreme prejudice” etc… also… unlike some gaffers, he don’t stand any shit and supports his boys and girls…

Of course they don’t like being moved on…one said to me…

“yeah you is like moving us ‘cos I is black innit?”

(suppressing a smile at Sasha Baron-Cohen’s brilliant take on street culture) I ask, “where are you from sir?”

“err… Afghanistan”

“Mmm… and in Afghanistan if you were told by a Police officer to move and you didn’t, what would happen to you?”

He grins slightly, “they would hit you on the head with a stick, kick you and if you do anyfink back they shoot you!” (one of his friends nods in agreement).

“So, lucky for you it’s us innit?”

We have a laugh at that and they disperse.

Oddly enough… the only trouble I had was from a tiny kid! Must have been 12… how my partner didn’t lock him up…she is SOOOO patient.

This is the time of year we wind down a bit…of course…because it’s going cold.

The only hiatus is the ‘fresher’ week or as I like to call it, “my first real taste of freedom from mummy and daddy-with money in my pocket”.

The local big uni has lots of AS-levelled 20-somethings that are about to test the limits of their stomachs and genitals over the next week…

People of Exeter…you have been warned lol…

Most of the ones I have spoken to seem polite of course…drunk…but polite.

Still…how those girls don’t catch their deaths of cold I will never know…brrr…


One response to “Weekly round up…

  1. Amazes me as well maybe they come from newcastle nobody there owns a coat !!!
    We moved out of our last house due to the noise from them
    young peope today they dont know they are born

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