Licence to kill?




Well… not quite… but the gov seems on the brink of making it ‘ok’ to use disproportionate violence to anyone that comes into your home-as a burglar etc…

I wonder…have they really thought this through?

Of course they have. They ALWAYS think things through… scary that.

So… will this create an ‘arms race’ between householders and burglars?

What about officers entering houses to execute warrants?

Another desperate attempt by the gov to curry favour with voters I suspect…and as always we will be left to pick up the pieces…


4 responses to “Licence to kill?

  1. From the article in the Mail today regarding this;

    XX we are saying you can do anything as long as it is not grossly disproportionate. XX

    “Grossly disproportionate”. A perfect case of; “Give with one hand, take with the other.”

    IMMEDIATELY they have re-introduced the element of doubt, which, after the first few cases, will become a mine field for the defence (of the householder) and a godsend for the prosecution.

    Back to square one.

    • Oh yes… they will be on that one like a tramp on a chicken nugget…

    • ‘a minefield for the defence (of the householder)…’ Now THAT’S an idea!!

      Whether or not the Government actually get this into legislation remains to be seen, but the trend towards supporting householders against thieving scum has been gathering momentum for some time. It is a sufficiently vague concept – like reasonable force that the only people that will truly benefit will be the lawyers…

  2. From what I have seen they are saying that if someone was in FEAR at the time, then they are willing to accept the level of force used at the time was legal even if in hindsight it may appear over the top.
    My point is that does this mean a police officer in fear for their life may use what could be seen as exessive force. Can’t see how they can argue that one differs from the other. Neither the home owner or the officer set out looking for trouble.
    Should be interesting.

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