The great Police officer number swindle…

So… we hear from our gaffer that the default position for patrol is now solo.

This is coming directly from Whitehall… it’s almost as if they are trying to make it look as if there are more officers than there are… 😉

I wonder why?

Probably because we have dropped in number by 20%…

My radio is oh so predictable at the moment…

“With two on the front, need another officer please…”

“one in custody…need another officer and transport”

Yesterday I heard, “one in custody assault…need…”


Repeated attempts to call- nothing back…

Eventually with the aid of passers by my mate got the offender into handcuffs…

Could have been much worse…

Increase in Police assaults anyone?


6 responses to “The great Police officer number swindle…

  1. I don’t really know what the problem is. We ALWAYS woked solo. The only double up, was the India car. Which was the main response. All others single manned, and single man beats. (79 to mid 80s).

  2. We’ve been single crewed for years now in West Yorkshire. One of the worst problems is longer term. Young bobbies have no one to learn from now. Sergeants never get out of the office and the single crewed sprogs just get to repeat their mistakes unchallenged.
    And the culture of stopping and challenging bad behaviour is dead too. Young bobbies will stand and watch while oldermore experienced cops challenge and sometimes end up fighting drunks and yobos.

    We reap what we sew.

  3. Shuj… Had you thought about it this way… Perhaps the Home Office are trying to restrict casualties amongst us, in another random cop killing… less ‘targets of opportunity’ for the bad guys to shoot and throw hand grenades at.


    This may go some way to explain why Sir Peter Fahy thought it appropriate to hijack the funeral service in Manchester today with his opinions on arming the police… Toeing the ACPO/Home Office line perhaps.

    Tough but moving day in Manchester. Glad I went.

  4. Perhaps this is what DAVE meant by the big society, the public will arrest their own perps as their local plod are busy upping the ‘right’ stats as dictated by the new PCC’s hoping to get reelected by the voting middle classes.
    I just love it when old timers come up and tell us how they used to do it alone, forgetting that partly as a result of ‘how they did it’ we reaped the benefits of PACE, PACE codes of practice, IPCC public ‘journalism’ etc etc.
    Operation Julie and others ring any bells chaps?
    Can i just ask that old timers just think a moment before they comment, it is the same as comparing old time sports men to modern , it is a completely different world so remember fondly but don’t bother comparing.
    As for arming i hear the ACPO view espoused as the ‘front line police officer’s’ view by the BBC especially. Perhaps they need to speak to some officers that don’t have any pretty little crowns and more on their tunic shoulders and work on swamp estates getting abused, spat at, assaulted, stabbed and rarely but importantly shot at they may then get a different answer.

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