Lets draw a line under these too eh?

TASER deployment…on and on and on they go…50,000-volt, torture, poor-heart condition-dangerous to pregnant women- death machines…

Para-military looking cop uniform… on and on and on… stormtroopers, unapproachable… blah…

Bobby on the beat is the best way to beat crime… no it isn’t … useful in big towns with compact drinking areas (like mine…the front is a nightmare in the summer…although winter drinkers seem to be increasing in number)… we should be deciding how to police…not the un-trained, un-qualified…

Hillborough… Harwood…

Anything that caused embarrassment or annoyance…


Oh, yes… sorry I forgot… it’s only our lords and masters that can walk away from LYING and making MISTAKES…

Us plebs are stuffed.


One response to “Lets draw a line under these too eh?

  1. Thats why so many ascend the greasy pole
    they can say so much without meaning anything
    it becomes less black and white and more grey !

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