Any bets?

That the cops will be blamed for the missing 15-year old?

The one that ran off with a teacher?

The teacher that appears to have committed career/marriage/life suicide?

Of course as an adult with a sexual interest in children he doesn’t care because he will dine out on this for years…

At the moment the school is in the firing line…but I wouldn’t be surprised if we get it next…

Hey ho… didn’t take long to get back on the anti police message eh readers?


3 responses to “Any bets?

  1. Its worrying if the parents knew he was taking her unless they thoight his wife was going
    i also think other things are going on that are not as yet clear
    hes an idiot not exactly bonnie and clyde are they

  2. Shuj… I don’t see how plod can be blamed but… you never know! We are just plebs, don’t forget!

    As a parent I am horrified that this bloke will probably be ‘riding like Sea Biscuit’… but it always amazes me that the reaction from all the commentators on such matters, who are at pains to stress how this young woman will be supported and never, it seems are her actions questioned at all.

    Of course, at 15 she cannot consent at her age but… what sort of message are we giving young kids these days (and, don’t forget, in some countries she would be of marriageable age already and next year could have left school/ legally be married in the UK) where, when one runs off with an adult then it is entirely the adults fault, and no fault can be attributed to the girl/boy. The adult (male or female) is cast as some kind of predator (which they often are, but not always) preying on a vulnerable young person but I think that ‘it takes two to Tango’ and surely some of the blame should go to the young person.

    After all, in these circumstances, it does not appear that she was some drop out, from a broken home who didn’t know any better. I think, from the circumstances given that it was fairly common knowledge amongst her peer group of friends and, most importantly, the school were aware and the Local Authorities were investigating so… why was the teacher not suspended from school, not only to protect the young person but also the teacher themselves.

    The teacher has completely ‘burned his boats’ with his career, marriage and will, no doubt, find himself a guest of ‘Her Majesty’ and perhaps, in truth, he is a vile paedophile, however, I cannot help but feel that his young paramour should carry some of the blame for his destruction.

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