No confidence in his confidence…

So ‘call me Dave’ has given ‘thrasher’ his blessing to abuse the cops when he feels like it.

Blimey what a surprise …never saw that one coming…

Public school boys sticking together etc…

If ever there was a clear and unambiguous message of just how utterly in contempt this government holds the police, this is it eh?

Not surprised.

But since we are utterly powerless to do anything about it… We must accept it or leave.

My mate left.

Normally my force is fighting them off with a stick but we aren’t getting any newbies for at least another year.

If the attrition rate continues at this pace we will be in trouble …


3 responses to “No confidence in his confidence…

  1. 2-4% (broad average) annual attrition rate in any large organisation. Now add in the mass dissatisfaction and take that up to 8-10%. Now add in the recruitment freeze in many forces which = 0 counterweight against the above.


  2. If Mitchell had any sense of shame he would have resigned… Which is why he’s still there.

  3. I see gadget has started his new marketing ploy already !!!

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