Shijuro says sorry…

Shijuro has publicly apologised for calling all MPS a ‘group of people with questionable decision making skills and unusually focused self interest issues’

He denied that he called them “fucking goddamn thick self-serving motherfuckers’… and ‘stupid bastard faced fuck featured cocksukkers…’ and said he always treats them with respect …

MP Andrew Mitchell called for PC Shijuro to be sacked, ‘imagine the who-harr if I had done that? What? Oh yes…I forgot…anyway gotta go…train…’



4 responses to “Shijuro says sorry…

  1. Surprised the chief whip did not end up wearing his bicycle !!!
    Good manners are thr mark of a gentleman

  2. Andrew MITCHELL MP has denied making offensive comments towards an officer who wouldn’t let him do what he wanted. Having denied it, he has gone on to apologise ( by phone not face to face the spineless twat) to the officer. If he didn’t do anything wrong, why is he apologising? The man is clearly a liar and should resign immediately. If the roles were reversed you wouldn’t see the bobby for dust. At least after the awful events in GMP and the crocodile tears offered by May, the cabinets true colours start to reappear. Wankers!

  3. Given the glacial rate at which the Conservatives deal with their defaulters I give it a week or so before this oaf gets the bullet…

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