More classic beeb


Two minutes ontwo MURDERED officers murdered by a scumbag on bail..

Nice piece about fecking powergen…and how vital they are!




5 responses to “More classic beeb

  1. Powergen ? Oh yes a bunch of corporate so and sos

    who cares about them

  2. I keep hearing about people wanting police officers to be armed. Cant see a problem myself but too many people compare our police force with the usa the thing is we are in europe european police forces are armed plus they can call the military for back up i am sure many of the vile jeremy kyle brigade would soon back down when faced with a glock its just so sad that two young people lost their lives and the contributions they would have made to society by the actions of a member of a gang who think thwy are above the law we need to turn things around see how ourceuropean cousins bring them in

    • One of the was armed (with a Taser) yet so taken by surprise were they (as, presumably, planned) they apparently never got a chance to you is.

      Those clamouring for every frontline officer to be armed because of this should bear that in mind.

      • She drew it.

        You can’t be seriously saying unarmed police can deal with armed criminality?

        This shows clearly they can’t …

        This shows the useless nature of our ARV system.

        Remember: no other country in the WORLD uses it…

        • A tazer is bugger all use at the best of.times it only.fires one shot poor range and is not fatal
          those poor.girls.never stood a chance

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