Shijuro tells it as it is to the DM…

Check out the name



4 responses to “Shijuro tells it as it is to the DM…

  1. Shijuro: ‘King’ of Pompey…

  2. And note how many ‘recommends’ you got.

  3. Yes Jooles… quite heartening …

  4. I see the same tag today running an artical saying police shouldn’t be armed. Love the way they have twisted the facts to suit there own agenda.
    Unlike Mr Glover would like to have everyone believe the rest of Europe are not in fear of there police forces just because they are armed, they run on the same principle of ” policing by consent” ie run by an elected government that the lefties here keep harping on about.
    At the Olypmica the public were not running scared from the armed officers quite the opposite in fact they were far more
    Interested in talking to and having photos with these officers than unarmed.
    Also have noticed that they have disabled the comments section, seems they didn’t like the public agreeing with you.

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