F*cking savages…

…no…not the South American country dishing out punishments to thieves like: being tied to a stake and beaten… or burning a child killer to death…

I mean Nicola Tedder. A woman that inflicted a catalogue of cruelties on the child, including plunging her fingers into his eyes, holding his feet against a piping hot radiator until they burnt and clasping her hands around his throat and pushing him under water.

She hit him on the head with kitchen utensils and even rubbed his face in his own excrement if he soiled himself.

Of course the seven three years she will do inside will cure her of being a grade A-savage eh?

Gotta love CPS eh? Jumping up and down on a child couldn’t BE ATTEMPTED MURDER no… where is the intent? Or reckless element? I mean, we all know when an adult (inc. the hoofa-like accused) jumps up and down on a CHILD it couldn’t possibly KILL them eh?

Sorry, who are the savages again?

I’m confused now…

2 responses to “F*cking savages…

  1. No child should ever have to undergo that sort of terror and suffering that is something that will haunt that child for the rest of its life
    hardly makes a statement does it ? Not so different from.that vile creature hindley ! 30 years minimum

  2. This woman needs far more professional help than that… the services of a professional hangman!

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