Nuff said…

I had just got up after my last night shift as a night D…staggering loss of life…murdered for what? No good reason I can see… amazing bravery from the people of New York-an example to us all.


2 responses to “Nuff said…

  1. Much I could say comparing how the Police are treated over the pond compared to here. But this post is not the place. May they all rest in peace and also my thoughts are with all those still with us – survivors, families and friends.

  2. I would like to think that the world has changed because of this atrocity but regret to say that the ‘religion of peace’ continues its confrontational, tunnel-visioned battle against anyone who chooses to have a different viewpoint. I fear that there may be worse to come, though so pleased to see the Olympics and paralympics go so well without an Islamic ‘message’ (not counting the stories of groups of Asians assaulting lone soldiers and using Afghanistan as an excuse – ‘nothing racist here, nothing to see’ being the official view). There was only one 9/11 casualty that I knew – a distant relative of a friend – and so can only imagine the absolute horror and grief of friends and family of those who died. Each year, at a nearby memorial to American soldiers who lost their lives in the Second World War, a group of locals still gather, stand silently, and hope for a world without religious, racial or political hatred. We can only hope alongside them.

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