And the alternative?

Ordeal: Tracey and Andy Ferrie, who were held for 66 hours on suspicion of grievous bodily harm, said it was a 'living nightmare'.Tracey and Andy Ferrie 

The couple held by police for 66 hours on suspicion of grievous bodily harm, over the shooting of two intruders at their isolated cottage, spoke yesterday of their ‘living nightmare’.

Andy Ferrie said he ‘plumbed the depths of despair’ when police told him he could face a charge of attempted murder.

Tracey Ferrie said being kept in a police cell away from her husband had ‘petrified’ her and she was haunted by the ‘stomach-churning’ experience.

Mr Ferrie, 35, and his 43-year-old wife were arrested on suspicion of causing grievous bodily harm after he called police to report that he had discharged a shotgun, hitting two of four men who had broken into their home.

They were held in separate cells and handcuffed for a court appearance where detectives sought more time to hold them for questioning.

Mrs Ferrie, a saleswoman, said: ‘I was completely petrified. Being locked up in a police cell just yards from my husband, but banned from talking to him, was agony.

‘When I can get some sleep now I wake up with a start and think I’m back in the cell. It’s mortifying and stomach churning.’

She said their cottage at Welby,  near Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, looked like ‘something out of CSI’ as police swarmed around the hamlet following the incident early last Sunday.

I love this story…

The 4-men that broke into these good people’s home are lucky to be alive I suspect. I would probably have done the same thing-except I don’t have any firearms in my home. I have a real Katana from the 18-century though-a deadly weapon to be sure-so I guess I could use that.

My question to the Ferries would be: what did you expect? Tea and a pat on the back? It’s ILLEGAL to shoot people without good reason in this country.

The scare tactics in the DM are truly sickening… whilst I support the two victims above-the fact remains that a firearm was discharged at another (I hesitate to say it but…) person and we have to investigate it.

I bet they were treated with care and empathy by the custody team…that doesn’t make for good anti-police though…

anyway…they are released now-no charges.

I love that fact he is emigrating…no doubt he thinks its long gone here now…

If he is going to start a new life etc…I wish him good luck…but if he is going because he thinks the Aussie cops would do anything different… Mr Ferrie
 is going to be very disappointed…



One response to “And the alternative?

  1. I believe, from the papers that it was Mrs. Ferrie who is (or I suspect ‘was’) the shotgun certificate holder so the question everyone seems to be ignoring is… How did Mr. Ferrie come to have possession of that shotgun?

    The ruling in R v Cheltenham Crown Court (ex parte Farrer) 2000 would tend to preclude Mrs. Ferrie keeping her licence – if her hubbie was able to access the gun without being a certificate holder.

    The fact that they were not prosecuted is perhaps not so unusual in the present climate, but I can remember a different outcome for Tony Martin – with an (admittedly) illegally held shotgun back in the 1990’s. He had to plead and win an appeal on grounds of diminished responsibility for an original conviction for murder to get himself out of the chokey… As with many things in this country, you take your liberty in your own hands if you use deadly force to defend yourself in your own property, but this case is the latest in a recent trend of self-defence cases involving home owners and assailants in their own property that are examples of common sense winning through in the end.

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