Only in the UK…

Only in the UK would officers that challenged armed robbers on the way to do a job (they had 3-pistols) and felt threatened enough to shoot one dead, be then put through an investigation for how long?

His family are ‘demanding answers’…

Here is one…’I am sorry for your loss…however your son chose the company of armed criminals…and paid with his life-he was told to show his hands…he chose to put his hands out of sight…that’s why he was shot.’


3 responses to “Only in the UK…

  1. The thick gland prevails in some families
    Those yiu live by the sword die by the sword

  2. In the America the officer would of been suspended while under investigation from another law enforcement agency.

    Now the different bit…. Would he wait years for the result like the UK.. NO .. Months? Hardly.. weeks maybe.

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