The only constant is…


I have been told I am one of the lucky contestants chosen to go back out on the beat again…

When my force began ‘reassessing the situation’ some months ago, it became clear that the people that were ‘fit’ or non-restricted were in the sights of the HR team.

What surprised me was the reaction of some of my colleagues: it ranged from…worry to horror!

“Christ, Shijuro…”, said one force DC I know, “what if they put me on response? I won’t know what to do.”

I explained the job wasn’t THAT different ( is… but I was trying to cheer her up) from when she last did it.

It never ceases to amaze I and I how the job of uniformed patrol officer is seen as a ‘demotion’ or ‘punishment’ by some.

Anyway… I got my best boots all ready!

Now all I need is a uniform that fits…ahem…


7 responses to “The only constant is…

  1. retired to the sun

    Uniform response patrol is the hardest, most challenging and stressful role in the hole job. One never knows what will happen next and the skill set needed to be competent is immense. It can also be the most enjoyable role to play in the job. I firmly believe all specialist department officers of all ranks should revert to a month of uniform response policing every couple of years to remind them all hat it is like at the sharp end and to keep those skills up to date…

  2. It’s universal mate. We’re seen as the lowest of the low out here as well and treated as such. Yet I believe the General Police Duties (GPD) guys do the most important job.

    The main thing I find difficult out here is that detective is a bona fide promotion around these parts so telling them to f$&k off is slightly more difficult than in blighty.

    I wonder if people are frightened of going back on GPD because deep down they know it’s the hardest job?

  3. Salt of the earth the booted boys and gals
    better than the gym
    hope it works out ok for you

  4. The litmus test is “How often do people from specialist or office based roles volunteer to return to 24/7 response?” The answer is “very rarely”. This is because response is more difficult and high risk (career-wise) than any other part of the job. It is also the bottom of the organisational pile, perceived as being “for people who can’t do anything else”.
    This is not meant to denigrate non-response functions or staff. It is just an observation.
    It would make a good MBA research thesis for someone interested in Organisational Analysis.
    Response is the one part of policing which if it disappeared would result in bodies in the streets within the hour. Some departments’ absence would not be noticed for day or weeks….some would not be missed at all, ever.
    With regard to your DC colleague, I have no sympathy. She joined the job and should be prepared to do the job. If she can’t do response (other than through illness/ injury) then she has no business drawing her salary.

  5. I think that this is the advance guard of the Winsor led reforms… I realise they are all the subject of negotiation, but it is fairly evident that the Home Office are mad keen on pushing them through and it can be no coincidence that the architect of the reforms is now Chief Inspector of Constabulary. Nepotism, it seems, is not yet out of fashion. One can see that the reforms are very divisive and those who are able bodied will, no doubt, in some instances, find themselves back on ‘3 shifts’. One could take the view that IF the Winsor reforms are implemented, then they can could themselves lucky to be keeping their jobs as, if you can’t pass the proposed fitness test then… there’s the door.

    I keep myself current viz the self-defence/baton/CS/speedcuff qualifications, and have recently had my driving reassessed to keep my driving qualification – all on a voluntary basis, and in advance of being chased to do it because it is better, I think, to keep oneself current, and if the powers that be turn round and ‘fire you off to uniform’ well… at least you have a job!

    I have regularly done additional uniform duties just to keep myself fairly current because… you never know. There are no guarantees in the current climate and I have never considered a return to uniform as a demotion. It is the coal face. Nothing less.

  6. I prefer uniform. Don’t have to worry about the fashion parade!

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