Smile! You are on candid camera!

I see ‘two-dads’ has decided to allow CCTV to be installed in the rear of the ‘riot’ vans we use when there is a ‘disorder’ or we can’t find a working panda… if so…then all forces will be using them soon…

They are there to: capture the racial abuse of prisoners; officers beating up innocent people for no other reason than we are racist scum and…to help DPS shoot fish in a barrel by holding the gun steady for them.
I suspect however, the majority of the footage will actually show: officers being kicked and spat at/bitten; arrested persons trying their level best to kick the asses of any officers and record the vile ‘I hope your kids die of cancer’ etc…we get on a Saturday night from the various drunken arseholes we lock up.

Mmm… interesting.

I wonder if we can download the footage?  Would be lovely to show to a court the arrest tape-seeing that polite, suited young man telling the officers he will ‘hunt down your fcuking kids and stab them’ etc…

Nahh… can’t have court upset eh?

I think we should have them. I think we should have body cams too. No more sillyness about who said what to whom; who hit whom and ‘the coppers were like racist/sexist/rude’ etc…

read the article here…


6 responses to “Smile! You are on candid camera!

  1. we have body cams, Most are not keen but with the single crewed policy I think like you say they offer some protection from bullshit complaints

  2. spot on once used to them they can be your best witness – have to insist though that the footage can be used

  3. As a declared troll hater, you must welcome news of a Birmingham policeman’s arrest. PC Rimell is a troll responsible for months of alleged ‘vicious, vile and depraved’ internet abuse.

    The initial response of Birmingham’s radiator-hugging police was to ignore the victim, Ms Nicola Brookes. It was only through her own efforts and personal funding that PC Rimell’s depravities were uncovered….ultimately linking him with Stechford Police Station, Birmingham.

    You will be intensely gratified by his outing just as I enjoy extending praise for excellent detective work and police stories with a happy ending.

  4. How much will these cameras cost ?
    Does that mean the length of lead pipe you keep under the seat will be surplus to.requirements !!!!

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