What is it with the tube and racists?

The woman, who has not yet been identified, begins her tirade of racist abuse looking directly at the camera

A lady decided to take advantage of her captive audience to explain her own philosophy of diversity…all caught on a ‘phone of course.

‘I don’t care what none of you lot got to say because at the end of the day if you lot would have had a choice you will f****** go with your people and I’ll go with mine.

‘The whole lot of you are programmed, f****** puppets. Not this one, I’m black and proud.’

She then spits on the floor and picks up her phone and can be heard describing those around her as “f****** doughnuts and puppets on the bus.’

‘I’m black and proud’, she added.

‘They all want to be f***ing black, they all put fat in their lips and their bottoms and sit down on the sun bed to be black.’

She then turns her attention to another passenger and asks ‘Am I lying, am I lying?’ Answering the question with: ‘No I aint f****** lying.’

The woman repeatedly gets up and down during the video as she hurls the abuse while astonished onlookers try to ignore her.

She finally finishes her rant by complaining about the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, and states that ‘the same f****** diamond she has in her head, my people suffered for that.

‘Free speech. I hate white people. I can’t stand none of you.’

And then looking at the camera, she adds: ‘Strictly black, the more black the happier I am.’

As memory serves the last person to do this ended up with a 24-week stretch at Her Maj’s pleasure…

I wonder if this lady will get the same? My money is on no… can you guess why boys and girls?



7 responses to “What is it with the tube and racists?

  1. Cos it might exagerrate the mark duggan camp ? I think this retarded myopic excuse for a human being is not representative of the majority of black people i hope she gets a good hard slap she would not have spoken like that to me without getting a reply that would ruin her day
    dumb stupid monosylabic mouth breather that she is

  2. Would a smack in the mouth have counted as a valid reply ?

  3. No ,because the legal system lacks the guts to uphold the law of the land without fear or favour in case nut jobs like in the story claim ‘racism’.I am intrigued by ‘her people’ , I haven’t viewed the clip but assuming ( I know , i know) that she is ‘British’ ( but also happens to be black) the ‘diamond’ on the queens head is likely to be older than she (again the picture is not the best) so take that f88cking chip off your shoulder the war is over and slavery/oppression is thankfully a long distant memory and ‘we’ are not the enemy,yes there are racists muppets …some are actually black as well as white.To be like this idiot I would not have to put ‘fat’ in my lips ,arse and go on a sunbed , i would change my name by deed poll to F*****t Bigot.

  4. Nutter on a bus/tube, some things never change.

    The diamond is the Koh-i-Noor which has a tangled history, but came into the control of the British as a spoil of war. And it came from India, but I don’t expect a lack of education on the young lady’s part will bother her much.

    As she doesn’t like “Whitey”, why not pop down to Somalia sweetheart? Not many white ghosts there to offend your sensibilities, though you might find the conditions a little rugged.

    • I watched the video on you tube all the black people were embarrased and ignoring her
      she went on about being african but her parents came from jamaica i know their ancestors came from africa but in my book that makes them jamacain then she ranted on about being a bloodclot now i.thought this used to ne a term of insult
      my ancestors came from malta and italy but fuck mei dont shout about imperialist oppression after all who the hell would want to live in a place where it is always sunny and the sea is blue !!!!!!!
      Dont do drugs children or you will end up like this

  5. I wondered if anyone was going to point out that this was on a bus, and so the Tube shouldn’t really get the blame…

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