Thomas A Swift’s Electric Rifle to the rescue


Not a million miles from where I walk around a chap that was deemed ‘safe’ by a mental health team, decided to go for a walk armed with a sword…

A mental health patient given home leave after being declared “no risk” was later found by police brandishing a Samurai sword in the street.
Police were forced to twice Taser the man after he drew the sword from its sheath as he approached the officers in Plymouth.
Health officials said the man had been granted home leave from Lee Mill Hospital in Ivybridge, Devon, following a clinical assessment. An investigation has now been launched.
Officers from Devon and Cornwall Police were confronted by the man in Devonport Road following calls from members of the public.
The force said officers were authorised to use Tasers to detain the man who “posed a substantial threat”.
A spokeswoman said the man had refused instructions to drop the sword and officers used a Taser as he reached Milehouse Road.
But the first Taser failed to stop the man who continued to approach the officers and removed the sword from its sheath, upon which they used the Taser for a second time.
A witness, who wanted to remain anonymous, told The Plymouth Herald she saw a man “swinging” a sword and cutting through Taser wires attached to him before he was detained.

Fortune was with the local cops that night as a taser crew was nearby … Otherwise good old ‘bobby on the beat’ would have had to go hands on…

How nice are we? He would have been shot dead anywhere else in the world …

We need to give ALL OFFICERS TASER NOW…/strong>


6 responses to “Thomas A Swift’s Electric Rifle to the rescue

  1. Yep I could not agree with you more its a non lethal weapon and will make a great deal of difference in so many situations after all normal people dont attack police officers they have nothing to fear
    if i trief to carry out my job without adequate safety equipment i would have my ticket and dog tag taken away they cost peanuts anyway when i visit europe all the police officers carry a fire arm after ten minutes you dont notice and i have never seen one use their weapon thats for the movies oh and they get a great deal more respect from ALL classes of society

  2. A good result for sure and I think TASER is a big step in the right direction.

    But there’s only one tool (notice I called it a tool for that’s what it is) you bring to such an incident as your primary means to deal with it and it goes bang as opposed to pop, crackle.

  3. Seagull is right. We are often deployed to knife/sword jobs with taser when in reality our training states taser is in no way suitable. Knives and swords are for AFOs to deal with.

    • As long as you’re comfortable with a 20 minute wait.

      • Plus making an RV point and waiting for someone to make a decision…

        • Be much better if they gave the seargants a weapon they.always back you up and care about the people under them i think it will be a sad time but with criminals ruling society now and so many aggressive violent young men about a handgu. Is the way to go
          i have a workmate who i oriental he said in china you dont abuse the police nor in honk kong he considered joining the brirish police he is a bright articulate intelligent young man but when he found out you are not given a weapon he dismissed it at.once tjis is a man who has worked long hours in catering and seen the other side of british born society and more than once has had to defend his family against it,i get the impression they deal with it in house so to.speak not not knives and ninjas just dont piss off the chinese and then eat the food ??????

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