Who could have forseen that? Lol…

In my force we have a problem: we have no traffic officers.
Well…ok, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration … we still have a few but they are now on our response teams dealing with domestics and drunken holiday makers in the big town on a Saturday night.

This truly brilliant thinking was implemented for two reasons: To get rid of traffic…and ‘cascade’ the knowledge acquired over many years of being a traffic specialist to ordinary shift grunts like me.

Fat chance.

Guess what happened…yes…they A19’d half of them…


To recap, get rid of department, get rid of officers…result? No traffic…

Guess what’s happened now?

Yup… RTC figures are rocketing… coincidence?

This lot couldn’t run a bath…


One response to “Who could have forseen that? Lol…

  1. spot on same trouble round here
    clowns driving with the Iphone in hand are a common site usually in a german car driving on footpaths !!
    aggresive driving bullying other road users
    I could go on
    since the local team was disbanded the quality of driving has gone down in exact proportion to the rise in accidents
    Today some one took out a roundbaout outside my house it must weight about 7 tonnes all up they mullered it this in a 30 MPH limit !!

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