Lol everyone will be a copper soon…

A think tank has suggested as we won’t have many coppers soon as they are too expensive and they need the money to pay for those private school places and skiing hols, the public will take their place for free.

Don’t worry… You will be trained first…


I have heard some stupid things in my time but this is a beauty…

What’s next?

Paramedic training ?

Fire fighting skills?

We so need a general election… But … Who do we vote in?


12 responses to “Lol everyone will be a copper soon…

  1. Grade A stupid idea
    they have one in Ireland they kneecap people do you want the same sort of thugs here !!!

  2. You lot NEVER turn up anyway. Unless its a a couple of bimbo refugees from a supermarket checkout job issuing FPNs for a seat belt “offence” or big hairy 17 stone coppers valiantly turning up to defend the weak and defenseless because of calling names on a bus or twitter or some such similar rubbish.

    Bottom line is that if a guy with a house and mortgage and kids has anything bad happen him and his mates have to take care of things.

    Honest question – iwhat are the police actually for?

    • @ harriet
      Dear lady, please give credit where credit is due. Let us not forget that UK police have a reputation for consistency in the application of standards. Thus, the prediction that the ‘guy with a house and mortgage and kids who is obliged to take care of things when anything bad happens’ will be arrested, is child’s play.

      • Your lack of understanding of the rules of evidence is only rivalled by your (seemingly) never ending ability to talk shite…

      • In 22-years of policing a busy rural and inner city area- working in CID and response- I have never seen a citizen arrested for:

        defending his children;
        defending his property;
        defending himself.

        Sure…I have had to talk to them on tape…but never lodged in a cell.

        You read too much DM…

        Oh, I know… you got locked up blah… de blah…

        But…if you displayed even 1/10th of the twattyiness you display on police blogs, I am not at all surprised…

  3. Harriet, In future, I would suggest you call 0901 226 1214. I’m sure they will turn out to help.

  4. Harriet, Simple question. In your ideal world, all Police will be got rid of. As of tomorrow, no Police – nothing and no one to help you should you need it. You have been put in the position of replacing the service you obviously despise. Now tell me , what do you want?? I also invite anyone else of her view to suggest some relistic replacement??

  5. Shij,

    Here is something to lift the spirits a wee bit;

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