How to send a message…and how not to…

Twin ladies get on a ‘plane in the USA drunk…they get upset ‘cos they can’t sit together and…well…they are drunk. One tussle with cabin staff later, they are handcuffed and waiting for the FBI as the captain turns the aircraft around.
Court was not happy and, in addition to the probation for assaulting the aircrew, gives them an £50,000 quid bill for the fuel!!!

Meanwhile in la-la land MP (yes-the people chosen to lead us, make laws and so forth…) not content with getting pissed up and FIGHTING in the commons bar he has now been done for CUTTING OFF his tag!!!!

Reason? Wife ill? Nope. Kids 21st? Nope.

He wanted to see a boat race!

Fined but not sacked…or imprisoned.

What a shower…

Role on retirement …


4 responses to “How to send a message…and how not to…

  1. Sober, our MPs appear to be bound by the same rules which constrain the serfs for whom they were intended. MPs infrequently abide by ordinary standards because drunken affray around the brawling venues of Westminster, is now part of their scene, innit.

  2. absolute shocker, when the law comes to cops it comes with full force as we are the standard bearers and example setters so the penalties are severe, time and again it appears that the gravy brigade are immune to punitive measures and the ‘justice’ system panders to the political ‘masters’ at will.Surely to f++k this muppet has brought disgrace to his ‘profession'(loose term) and the highest standards should and need to be uphold by the alledged voice of the masses,,,what message is this tube sending, ffs public vote this numptie out or better still if he had a shred of decency …resign.

  3. You have made a small mistake, he retired 17 years ago, not seven. This makes the article even more worthless.

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