MP gets nice lesson in the realities of modern policing…

MP Stewart Jackson had a nice ‘wake up call’ when he tried his hand at policing by consent recently…

Walking along and feeling part of the big society, he was aghast when he saw 20-year old Ivans Karanovs throw a beer bottle at a local bus shelter.

He attempted a ‘citizens arrest’ or as we call them in the police, ‘an invitation to get your head kicked in’ …imagine his surprise when-instead of coming quietly like they do in the 50’s movies starring Jack Warner- he kicked the piss out of him and smashed the shelter anyway…

Nice to see an MP seeing first hand the people don’t LIKE TO BE ARRESTED AND OFTEN KICK OFF…

I bet he wished he had a taser eh readers?

As do 80% of the cops in this crap country …


7 responses to “MP gets nice lesson in the realities of modern policing…

  1. Ha ha what a surprise
    i usually use a fire extinguisher on scum like that far less effort

  2. was retired to the back in the rain...

    Shij, just fell off my chair laughing….now, I really dont like it when anyone gets a kicking, thats not the funny bit. The funny part was an MP getting involved in the first place…..good to see them at least get an idea of how feral society is. Will it make a difference? will he back the police? probably not and it will be the police fault that the feral youth was on the streets and able to do this anyway….keep safe, retirement is good..

  3. How about a new law or two:

    1) Anyone wants to stand as an MP they must complete two weeks FRONTLINE policing shadowing response officers of constable or sergeant rank (nobody higher).

    2) Anyone elected must continue to do a minimum of two weeks every year in the fashion above. Failing to do this = ejected from your seat with a 5 year bar on standing again.

    3) Only the PM & Deputy PM are exempt, and only for the duration of their stay in office.

    I think we might very quickly find that the funding and motivation exists for a very different police force then…

  4. Oh Pleeeaaaaassssse

    Why bother with a police force?
    Why bother with G4S?
    Let’s just swear in MP’s….with all the spare time and lengthy summer holidays, they can police the country. They are self-appointed experts. Just make sure they have shitty pensions and work long shifts…..thanks

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