What a waste of my money….

Opening ceremony…epic fail.

Ken Brannagh reading The Tempest ?…..


11 responses to “What a waste of my money….

  1. Opening ceremony? Have they started a new series of ‘Not Going Out’? I never realised Ken Branagh was in it.

  2. My, my, bit grumpy aren’t we. Of course it was a waste of money, but my wifie liked it and if she likes something it must be good

  3. Dear respected blogger Shijuro,
    totally disagree

  4. Chuckle, chuckle!

  5. Alluding to a few private jokes, masquerading as culture so as to fly over most heads, shij?

  6. I thought it was all very good, and certainly clever, but a wee bit politically correct. No scrub that last bit…………….it was hugely politically correct.

  7. The Red Arrows came right over my house! Money well spent… 😉

  8. I will admit to being very confused at large periods during the event but… it was, as these things go – not bad. Getting HM to skydive out of a helicopter was pretty good!

  9. I have to say that I quite enjoyed it. Never thought I would. Thought it would be a complete embarrassment, but pleasantly surprised.

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