Gloucester cops jump to it…

Sightings of a wallaby or kangaroo next to an A-road near Gloucester are being investigated by police.
Gloucestershire police said they had received a number of calls about a marsupial seen by the A40, near Highnam, in the past few days.
Most of the sightings have been at dusk or dawn, most recently on Monday night.
The force is advising drivers to take extra caution and is contacting local organisations to find out if they have had an animal go missing.

Well… If ever a story shows the seemingly never ending bizarre stuff members of the public think we should be dealing with…

I mean we are 20% down in staff and we are looking for fcuking kanga-fcuking-roos…


10 responses to “Gloucester cops jump to it…

  1. According to Kitten Heels May the role of the Police is to deal purely with crime. Unless this marsupial has burgled a house, stolen someone’s property, driven off in someone’s BMW or ravished a frustrated Tory housewife, WTF are the Police being involved in this? Any phone calls regarding this rodent (very photogenic but still a rodent) should be redirected to the desk of whichever Coagulation Minister has had recent experience of animals ( I know that leaves the question wide open but perm any one from 20 and you’re bound to find someone with knowledge).

  2. This is a matter for the Olympics Committee.

  3. I really have no answer for this…………….if it gets knocked down by a MOP do we get a complaint reference a death in custody cos we knew it was out there??????????????

  4. Pride recovers after getting down from a high horse but you wouldn’t get XXXX’s for a Brit’s chances on a hack with a troop of kangaroo, shij.

  5. politics4fools

    Some Wallaby out there is just making you jump though hoops

  6. Nah its probably one of the locals they have lots of sheep that way and some funny habits !!!!

  7. Could be worse. I had to go look for some bears a few months ago and my local police have been looking for a cougar in the parks in my town ( the feline kind, not the stilletto’d kind).

    At least with a kangaroo the worst you have to worry about is getting into a boxing match.

  8. do they give you specialist training for dealing with lady cougars ?? are they like lady boys ??

  9. The female Human sort are more ferocious.

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