We REALLY DO get the blame for everything…

A couple who lay entombed for 10 days under tons of mud after their car was buried by a landslide were not found sooner because it was a ‘busy weekend’, police said yesterday.

Rescue services closed a tunnel hit by a huge landslide unaware that Rosemary Snell and her companion were in their car crushed beneath the rubble.


So… Police are responsible for rescuing people now too?

Even from 200-tons of mud and soil? With what?

a 6-inch collapsible shovel?

Even though the Fire-service (the rescue specialists) had scanned the mud pile with infra-red search kit and stated it was clear?

Really? It’s down to us?

So, by that measure, our job fails (for the record…I don’t think Trumpton failed… I know what they are like- they just WILL NOT leave a scene even if there is a tiny suspicion someone is not accounted for…) we can lay the blame at someone else?

I didn’t think so…

Well…now the IPCC are called in…  I can imagine the investigation…

“so officer…why did you leave the scene?”

“err… Because the fire/rescue said there wasn’t anyone under the rubble…”

“did you check?”


“why not?”

“we don’t have shovels…”


12 responses to “We REALLY DO get the blame for everything…

  1. I think its terrible to lay the blame at any bodies foot
    this was just a tragic accident that could not have been prevented
    the police as reported in todays Times did sterling work tracing credit cards and phone records otherwise they might not have been found for months
    it seeems that certain sections of society do not wish to accept rhat things go wrong occasionly and always want to apportion blame especially if money is involved

    • Yes… the bobbies in and out of uniform did a great job…

      I think the ‘press’ have just missed a couple of obvious points…

      The 100-plus tons of debris flattened the car instantly…those poor people were most unlikely to have known anything about it…

      …and the thermal imaging gear couldn’t pick up any heat sigs at all…meaning they were cold…ergo…dead.

      • My grandfather a veteran of the great war and a man you could not bullshit had a saying thats just as relevant today
        your duties with the living the dead can look after themselves
        Bill Curtis BEF and life member of the fishmongers (arms that is)

  2. “…and the thermal imaging gear couldn’t pick up any heat sigs at all…meaning they were cold…ergo…dead.”

    Meaning that the IR at 9.5 micron (human surface body temperature radiation) does not penetrate feet of mud.

    Nor would 100 tons crush a modern car’s monocoque body construction . These poor souls were entombed.

    Had plod done their basic job ….but hey it as a “busy weekend”.

    You are a disgrace.

    • Err…

      you do know this is a Police blog and not a Fire/Rescue blog?

      Are we responsible for rescues at sea too?

      Just in case you are special needs or something, I will help you…

      Police do crime…
      Paramedics do emergency medical care…
      Fire/Rescue do err… fire and rescue…
      ASR do err… Air Sea Rescue…

      Hope that helps…

      All the best… siren…


    • James, Pray tell me what could have been done even if Police, F&R were on scene straight away. Just so I know when I am faced with a similar situation how would you get them out, bearing in mind the mud slide was probably still active for a long time. I have all weekend so take your time.

    • Ch. Inspector Edwin Duvall

      Why is he a disgrace?

      Would 100 tonnes not crush a car? An M1 or Challenger Tank weighs around 60 tonnes and there are numerous videos of such tanks flattening cars, so I’m sure 100 tonnes of rubble falling down, assisted by gravity, would crush a car, NCAP 5 or not! Dick.

      I’ve also seen several RTCs where a vehicle hitting a lamppost has almost torn the vehicle in two, so I am also certain that you are talking crap and are a troll.

      The police did a good job here, and so did fire and ambo. People died, no one could stop that and you are slating the services for doing ther job.

      Get a life. Get a job.

  3. Whothefeck:

    – simple answer: locate them via a process of simple deduction. Then extract them with shovels. 30 minutes of effort.

    But hey .Plod had a “busy weekend” persecuting motorists and generally skiving off.

    Your weekend over yet?

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