Thank god for thick people, hip-hip! Derrr….

“Speed cameras? Nothing but revenue generators!”

“Traffic wardens? They have quotas for nicking people!”

“Internet trolls? How can we stop them?”


I love to hear people winging about speed cameras…I drive on A-roads and motorways all the time- every day. Rural areas like the south-west are reliant on the road system.
Guess how many tickets for speeding I have EVER had? Baring in mind I have owned bikes like: Bandit 600, VFR 750- I had an old Porsche too…?

yes… NONE.


I can READ- 60mph means… DON’T GO ABOVE 60MPH.

But we lucky to have lots of thick people that sail through the speed limit without a care, oh I don’t mean the odd lapse of the normally careful driver…I mean the serial “Jeremy Clarkeson is my god” types…

I read a story in the local rag about people winging that they keep getting nicked for parking violations on the local High Street… Nobody thought to comment “READ THE FCUKING SIGN!”…

Internet trolls can be sorted with two little steps:

Ban them from your site to the spam queue (where they belong ;-))…

Ignore them…

I love it that my troll reads my posts, thinks up a comment then spends time (the only precious thing in the universe) typing a response….

….then I delete it without reading…
Love it…

Keeps him busy… 😉


One response to “Thank god for thick people, hip-hip! Derrr….

  1. I’ve never* had a speeding ticket either. But I drive according to the conditions of the road, not the speed dictated to me by some official who probably doesn’t have a driving license. If the conditions indicate that there is a police car around then I don’t speed. If the signs indicate that a speed camera is ahead then I don’t speed. If I don’t know the road then I don’t speed. If the weather is bad then I don’t speed, in fact I might actually drive slower than the speed limit. Same around a school or other built up area with lots of parked cars.

    The limit is not a target, but neither is it a final limit. A road with a 50mph limit but a dual carriage way, no other traffic, straight for at least a mile, and dry conditions can safely be driven on at speeds greater than 50mph. Actual speed will depend on the car, the driver, fuel usage, etc.

    * Well ok, twice but I was 21 years old and that was a looooooong time ago.

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