Ok, I’m not as cynical as I say I am….







I was driving along the main road of my tiny town t’other day in the seemingly never ending rain, when I saw a man lying in the road. There were three people with him and a car with front end damage parked nearby.

My keen, Police trained mind, thought: “fcuking hell, another acci-book…” but I pulled over and stopped anyway.

I watched the faces of the MOPS that had stopped and (knowing the average driver) put themselves in physical danger to help another human being. Good for them-I thought.

I calmly opened the boot and put on my hi-viz and, taking the greatest care not to be killed by ‘rubber-neckers’ walked to the tiny throng.

“Hello, can I be of assistance?”, I enquired.

Their faces breathed a sigh of relief, except for one lady, that seemed palpably worse.

‘That will be the driver that ran this bloke down then…’, I mused…

“Thank god you’re here officer”, said one chap.

A voice came from below, “I’m all roit, officer. I’ve put me shoulder out. Give us a hand popping it back eh?”

“You’re having a Steffi Graff aren’t you? Are you injured anywhere else?”, he nodded ‘no’.

I turned to the MOPS  “has anyone called this in yet?”

A man nodded and told me that Police and Ambulance were on the way. I called it in anyway to be safe, and was told to standby.

I turned to the MOPS “Listen, in case we don’t get chance later, thanks all, you’ve done a good job of managing this,  a glowing career awaits you, when we start recruiting again that is…” They looked proud and even the bloke on the floor grinned.

The worried looking lady tapped me on the shoulder, “what happened was, you see, he just stepped out! I mean… he just…”

I raised my hand top stop her and lent forward so that nobody else could hear, “Miss, don’t say anything please, we will get to the bottom of this in a minute. Let’s not put ideas about what happened into these witnesses heads eh? Try not to worry he seems OK. Yes?”

She breathed a sigh of relief, “OK…”

I could hear a siren in the distance: it was the ambo. I cleared a lane for them and 2-minutes later the paramedic was checking the chap over.

A minute after that a Traffic car and bike arrived.

The sarge came over, “hello mate did you see it?”

I told him I hadn’t and pointed out the driver, her car,  witnesses and a few other bits like the IP was obviously pissed or drugged out of his face. He grinned, “leave it to the experts then”

I raised my eyebrows in mock surprise, “Oh are they coming too?”

“Nice…”, said the sarge with a grin and got to work.

I walked to my car and one of the MOPS walked over to me. “I heard what you said to that lady and I just wanted to say thanks. It’s nice to know there are a few coppers like you left.”

I smiled back, “sir, I think you will find that I am very much in the majority”

I reflected as I drove away on how they had helped-and how I let my cynical nature get the better of me on a daily basis.

I must admit they did a good job. I hope that with all of the cuts to front line numbers we won’t let these good people down.


2 responses to “Ok, I’m not as cynical as I say I am….

  1. I always thought cuts should start from the TOP

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