Bloody Sunday? Bloody betrayal more like…

Detectives are to launch a murder investigation into the Bloody Sunday deaths of 13 civilians shot dead by British soldiers in Londonderry more than 40 years ago.

The probe will last at least four years and raises the possibility that former British soldiers – some now in their 70s and 80s – could stand trial facing criminal charges.

Thirty officers will focus on the actions of UK paratroopers following the findings of the £195million inquiry by Lord Saville which said none of those killed were armed and no warning was given before soldiers opened fire.

Last night a former Parachute Regiment soldier on duty at Bloody Sunday claimed ex-troops were being made ‘political scapegoats’. ‘It is an appalling betrayal,’ he said.

An armed soldier attacks a protestor on Bloody Sunday when British Paratroopers shot dead 13 civilians on a civil rights march in Derry


A total of 428 prisoners have been freed under the terms of the early release programme, including 143 who were serving life sentences.

Those released included Brighton bomber Patrick Magee; Sean Kelly, who was convicted for his part in the Shankill bombing in 1993 that killed nine Protestants; IRA man, Thomas Begley; Docklands bomber, James McArdle, and those convicted of the murder of Lance bombadier, Stephen Restorick, the last British soldier to be killed in the North. Also due for release is leading Loyalist, Torrens Knight, convicted of a total of 12 murders, including the those at the Rising Sun bar in Greysteel in October 1993.

LVF member, Norman Coopey, who was jailed for life for the abduction, torture and murder of James Morgan, a Catholic teenager from County Down, will also be freed.

The victim’s mother, Philomena, said that she dreaded ever meeting his attacker again, but she had to accept the release.

It seems that the only ones NOT to accept the ‘peace agreement’ is…well the Republicans.

I love the fact the original statements and enquires are being dumped and can’t be used!

Ignoring the fact the the PSNI say that they can’t physically put 300-DCs on the case for the moment, this is the final piece of the jigsaw for me.

What jigsaw?

The ‘why the IRA stopped murdering people’ jigsaw.

It seems clear that the British Government made a deal with them that, not only included the wholesale release of some of the most callous murderers known to British justice, the acknowledgement of the Seinn F (stops for a moment- breath Shijuro, breath…) politicians…

This was obviously on the table too.

So much for justice.

So much for the victims of the PIRA.

So much for this country.


21 responses to “Bloody Sunday? Bloody betrayal more like…

  1. Sgt Kevin Edney

    There is a difficulty in killing white English speaking protesters who are unarmed, Derry is nor Iraq. You were not in Nothern Ireland so know SFA about it. PSNI? Too busy, taking bribes from drug pushers, why do you think RAAD have massive support in Tyrone?

  2. Int Officer 1st Bn East Tyrone PIRA.

    If SAS want to play silly buggers then expect consequences “Big Boys Games, Big Boys Rules”.

    • Same for those cowardly Provos blowing up kids at Eniskillen Eh siren?

      • Int Officer 1st Bn East Tyrone PIRA.

        Only time a battalion was ever stood down but as you are braying DID YOU KNOW that a Lance Jack of Signals took the call hours before? Whitehall thought the concommittant revulsion would be good copy. Own goal, Shit Giro.

        • So Siren… you are a provo?

          Well… since this is the first time I’ve had a chance to speak to one of you as you normally hide like sewer rats at the first sign of someone that can shoot back, here is what I think of you.

          Cowardly, gutless, villains, setting off your bombs without a care for the lives of your own men, women and children.

          You are the scum between my toes-I spurn you, as I would spurn a rabid dog.

          Any person, troll or not, that takes the side of such murdering scum, makes me puke.

          You go too far this time, villain.

  3. Justanothercopper

    Im no fan of releasing convicted murderers from their sentences as part of the peace process but why should the British army escape the judicial process, monkeys uncle or not those killed were proveably unarmed, those who killed on that day should face criminal investigation

  4. What do you call an Irishman wearing a suit? A defendant.

  5. I can understand those who lost loved ones want an answer but can there be an answer after all these years. If this enquiry doesn’t give the answer they want, will there be another enquiry until they do. Whether we agree with the reconciliation process or not a line has to be drawn and we move on. There are loses on both sides and not all of those responsible faced justice. But it easy for me to say that because I wasn’t affected.

  6. As someone who really knows, Kevin Edney should put up his evidence of PSNI corruption, or shut up, the guy from Tyrone is right, big boys games, big boys rules, but it goes both ways (this is not a comment on those killed on Bloody Sunday, Lord Saville says that having considered the evidence, those killed on Bloody Sunday were innocent, so as far as I’m concerned that is it) PC Clitoris has made a racist comment and should be pulled up for it but whothefckami – agreed. I’m here, I’ve had friends murdered by both sides, but its time to move on, everyone needs to put the past in the past.

    • “big boys games, big boys rules”

      oh really?

      I doubt if the parents of the murdered children of Enniskillen or the 29-murdered and 220 injured at Omagh would agree with you…

      Funny how you get all rowdy about a ‘racist’ joke but not about the murderers of children…

      • Pot Noodle Army

        How many kids were killed with plastic bullets? Oh and you are trying to do the same this summer. You will be torn apart. BTW your most recent post Shit Giro is so funny I laughed out loud. Gawd Bless You “Officer!”

        • Thanks…

          Only a Provo with ‘little man’ syndrome would support murderers…

          Not surprised though… I mean … the provos were on the Nazi side in WW2. They supported a group of people that would have exterminated millions more men women and children than they did.


          Trolling for a bot of fun is one thing…supporting a terrorist organisation is another.

          Troll queue for you…

          bye-bye racist trash.

  7. Being of Irish stock, my family loved my dad when he joint the paras after bloody sunday, they also love me for being filth too….

    That crowd was armed, the women hid the firearms, the paras were shot at.

  8. See, the only reason the IRA actually even started negotiating was because they were losing their little war. They started off doing reasonably well, but over time the British Army got better and better at hunting terrorists, and there came a time when new recruits to the cause took so long to train up that not very many of them survived.

    Then a weird effect started to occur, weird to the minds of the IRA, that is. Turns out that most people don’t give a flying whatever about who runs which bit of Ireland if the murdering criminal scum are being adequately supressed by the police. This is really why the IRA haven’t managed to re-ignite any sort of new terrorist war; everyone’s sick of them, sick of their Loyalist opposite numbers and really, truly sick of all the criminal banditry that hangs onto the coat-tails of the freedom fighters.

    The Good Friday release-on-licence system is merely the icing on the cake; it puts a load of formerly big fish back out into the communities they formerly terrorised with a nice big threat hanging over each of their heads: keep mostly honest and don’t re-start hostilities or you’re back inside again, this time as common criminal scum (ergo any trouble and you get long-term solitary).

    Most of these former “great leaders” got to be thus by being imprisoned mostly incommunicado; their personal legends grew in silence, not through their own actions. Releasing them on licence therefore gives most of these tits the opportunity to convince their would-be hero-worshippers that actually they’re thick as mince. The UK’s censorship of Gerry Adams forced the BBC to use actors’ voiceovers when quoting him; even Mr Adams says that these were a great boon to him, as he’s not a very good public speaker at all whereas the voice actors were always pretty decent speakers.

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