Crap Judge of the Year nomination goes too…

Spared jail: Judge Gareth Hawkesworth warned the boy that he would have been jailed for six and a half years if he had been four years olderJudge Gareth Hawkesworth  … (pictured above…)

A teenager who raped a four-year-old girl while babysitting her was spared a custodial sentence after a judge heard he had been ‘corrupted’ by internet pornography.

In a disturbing case that has raised fresh concerns about the sexualisation of children, the 14-year-old told his young victim to cover her eyes before performing an indecent act on her while her parents were out.

But instead of jailing the boy, a judge spared spared him, blaming ‘the world and society’ for his exposure to explicit sexual material on the web.

The case comes amid growing alarm about the impact of sexual content on the internet on Britain’s children.

Just last month, a government report found a wave of depraved sex attacks across Britain was being carried out by youngsters who have had their minds warped by online porn.

Appearing in the dock wearing his school uniform, the teenager, now 15, was handed a three-year community order at Cambridge Crown Court.

The boy who cannot be named for legal reasons pleaded guilty to raping a girl aged under 13 after his victim told her father what had happened. 

I really cannot believe this story… I mean… what is the point of putting your child through the court process?

To see the person that raped a pre-school child WALK AWAY FROM COURT?

This is disgusting.

No other word can really describe it.


21 responses to “Crap Judge of the Year nomination goes too…

  1. Pre school ? Awful, dreadful, yes – but she wasn’t pre-school.

  2. What is the point of even having a ‘legal’ system if rapist can just walk away scot-free? Porn doesn’t make people rape! Millions (if not billions) of people look at porn every single day and don’t rape anyone. How can it possibly be societies fault? There is a strong argument to say that last summers riots where caused by societies short comings, but those involved where handed arbitrary sentences or around 5 years, for stealing trainers. However, rape a child, steal away their innocence, leave them damaged emotionally and possibly physically for the rest of their fucking lives and that’s ok?!?!? I could not be more upset by this! What example is this setting to other kids? He’s basically come out and publicly said “Rape’s ok” which is not fucking ok!!!

    • I agree completely.

      The judge has done two things here, one would hope inadvertently)…

      1. given a nice message out there to rapists-don’t worry, if you can cast doubt on your mental health and cite heavy porn use, you will ALSO be treated as a victim and walk away with nothing.


      2. victims don’t bother putting yourself through: invasive examinations; questioning and the stress of giving evidence…because it’s really just not worth it when the offender is walking.

      I think there may be a three too…

      3. just sort it out yourself… get a couple of your mates to take the offender on a little ride to Beachy Head and throw him off…after torturing him first of course…

      This is why we need minimum sentencing in this country-to stop judges doing things like this.

  3. Shijuro about to be outed by “goddamn commies” Stay tooned.

  4. It’s not the first time this particular judge has been criticised for being soft on rapists and paedophiles either.

    I also see the equally disgusting Daily Mail is using this as more fuel for their almost universally-opposed “block” on porn they’ve been demanding lately. It’s funny reading criticism of the “sexualisation of children” (as if the internet is to blame for rape rather than perverted scum) only to look slightly to the right and see a pointless article about non-celebs Kendall and Kylie Jenner (14, 16), filled with pictures of them in bikinis. Journalism at it’s best, truly.

    The world, society, internet and sexualisation of children (as if that’s a new thing) didn’t rape that girl. He did.

  5. “Appearing in the dock wearing his school uniform……”. No doubt the price labels were still attached so his Mum could take them back to the store after the court appearance. This Judge is a complete disgrace to the human race and the sad thing is, we can’t sack him! I can understand that he would find it difficult to relate to the parents feelings as I doubt if he has any children of his own (unless a woman is blind, stupid or really, really, desperate, would anyone want to have a sexual relationship with this thing?). The end result is that a little girl will grow up traumatised from the memories; parents will blame themselves for the rest of their lives because they weren’t able to protect their child (and aggreived that the Criminal Justice system in this country is sh*te); the Judge will enjoy a nice Merlot knowing that justice (his version) has been done and the boy (with or without his school uniform) will dine out on this for years to come. One can only assume that there is something with a Stanley Knife hanging around in the dark, thinking of that boy’s penis.

  6. I am a thick cunt according to my mates
    perhaps I should exchange places with this four eyed git
    he can try to fit a kitchen and I will try to put scum away
    honestly for a so called educated man he is an idiot

    • I must admit to a feeling of envy and admiration towards the 4-year old victim’s dad…

      He stayed calm and was there for his daughter…

      I would have took him to the woods for some quality time… just him, me and my pliers…followed by my spool of barbed wire…

  7. Oh dear, the truth is out Shitgiro suspended for groping handcuffed girl. Shitgiro wants ” a gun” to make him feel like a real man. So, when exactly is your full name to be published by goddamn commies?

  8. yes I reckon he is soemthing special amongst dads
    my daughter was attacked some years ago by a local council estate yob
    we had a chat up close very close
    but if she had been raped I would have done far worse

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