Johnny foreigner’s Police takes no…

…shit off anyone…especially English yobs it would seem.

More British tourists are getting into trouble overseas, according to Foreign Office figures.

There was a 6% rise in arrests worldwide last year, when 6,015 people were handled by British embassies.

Spain topped the list for detentions, with nearly 2,000 – up 9% on 2010 – ahead of the USA and Thailand.

The Foreign Office thinks the rise could be down to resorts popular with UK tourists developing a zero tolerance approach to drink and drugs.

“Punishments can be very severe, with tougher prison conditions than in the UK, and we cannot interfere in another country’s legal system,” said Foreign Office minister Jeremy Browne.

On the Balearic islands of Ibiza and Majorca there has been almost a 30% increase in arrests, with more than 500 people in total detained.

The head of the local UK Consulate, Paul Abrey, has described the rise as “dramatic”.

“We see younger people coming to places like San Antonio and Magaluf who don’t know the laws.”

Hummph… they don’t know that dealing drugs is illegal?

K… good luck with that one as a defence…

I suspect that the real answer is much simpler…they think the Police abroad as a hamstrung as we are and that courts abroad are as gullible as ours are.

The police abroad don’t police by consent (whatever that bullshit means)-they are in charge…and if you screw with them it’s your funeral-literally if you go for a weapon…

Note that the USA is a biggie? Haveing seen how they deal with people- calm and polite if you behave, taser and pistol if you don’t, I can well believe it. The thing we just can’t get out head around though is the REAL difference…they support their police.

Notice the comment ‘punishments can be severe and prison conditions are tougher’ implying that ours are neither? That was from a government minister too…so they DO KNOW…

If only we could return to that way of thinking and policing… but when you have lost the plot for as long as we have…it’s a VERY long way back.

On a lighter note it was nice to see a government minister, in this case, a Foreign Office one Jeremy Browne, believes many tourists wrongly think they will simply be transferred home.

“Having a British passport does not make you immune to foreign laws and will not get you special treatment in prison,” he warns.



6 responses to “Johnny foreigner’s Police takes no…

  1. Brief Encounter

    If you are a guest in another country you should behave with all due respect to that country. If that country has gone a stage further and given you leave to remain then more so. People going abroad and committing crime bring this country into disrepute, besides they are robbing me of work!

  2. Witty and appropriate, shij. I never imagined you to be a fan.

    • I always thought that Mercutio was killed off because he was a much more interesting character than Romeo.
      I am a member of an am/dram society and we perform Shakespeare plays when ever we feel brave enough…

      I was Richard the 3rd in our last production…now there IS a fascinating character

  3. I used to work with a young man a total gobshite mouthy rude arrogant
    over here he was well known to the police and courts
    on holiday in spain he was his usual self towards a Spanish police officer and was surprised to recieve a massive whack from a baton breaking his arm
    that put the little wanker in his place !!
    I travel through europe and always follow the local rules and have a great time the carabinieri even arrested my mate for a laugh
    its just the way you treat people
    respect and good manners cost nothing

  4. One of your best posts Shij. I hope we export more and more of the dregs that we deal with every day and I hope they get their cum uppance abroad. They will not get it here.

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