The DM comment personality type…

I have (against my cardiovascular doctors advice) read the comments on the “Police in holiday camp blag” and “cops in more tasers-as it helps us please sensation”…

I noticed that the commentator appears to fall into one of xxx groups:

a) the “we love the Police and you should stop being a political instrument DM” group;

b) the “I get that in my job but I think the Police should be nicer” group;

c) the “Police are violent scum that deserve nothing but contempt and should just die” group;

d) the “I was a Police officer for 30-years and I didn’t need-armour/taser/stick/radio/car/worked 18-hours a day/had no holiday etc…” group…


Out of all I find group ‘d’ to be the most offensive…



6 responses to “The DM comment personality type…

  1. To quote your mentor Clouseau, you are too modest, shij. Constituting group e) are public servants abusing works time by surfing the net.

    Your contribution to the Mail on this topic (instantly recognisable through characteristic misspelling and abysmal English) failed to acknowledge any reasonableness on the part of most citizens, who would never withhold essential equipment. Forget tasers but please do tell us, what you require in addition to a speaking fobwatch, primary school keyboard, radiator key, doughnut clip and blunt pencil?

  2. Is it just me or are the DM stepping up the pressure?

    • They were on the doctors case for a while- then until their strike that didnt actually mean any doctors stopped working (bless…) fizzled out…

      Now they are back to us with a vengance… until there is some kind of scare at the games…

  3. You resent group (d) because they are *real* policemen no doubt.

    Moreover, oh mighty Mathematical Moron…your taxes come completely from the *productive* members of society who produce the real wealth from which comes the money to pay you your parasite wages..

    • Get a fcuking sense of humour you knob…

      You don’t get it do you?

      Sure I can’t spell and, as you say, my maths skills are not up to speed…

      But you are a cunt.

      I can get a dictionary and a calculator….

      You will still be a cunt.

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