Welcome to Seaview – the ideal place, according to its publicity material, to spend your summer break.

Until this year, that is, when up to 500 police officers on duty for the Olympic and Paralympic sailing events will take over the holiday camp.

It boasts ‘fantastic coastal walks and beaches’ nearby, heated swimming pools and leisure activities including archery and fencing.

This will be made up of a £30-a-night ‘hardship allowance’ for not having single – occupancy en-suite facilities – in the vast majority of cases each caravan will be shared by two officers – and a further £50 a night for being away from home.

Officers who work more than eight hours a day will be eligible for overtime.

However, a number of senior officers have warned that the decision to  accommodate hundreds of police in the camp could lead to ‘drunkenness, debauchery and unwanted pregnancies’.

One inspector warned: ‘I foresee lots of drunk cops, officers involved in criminal damage, public disorder and assaults, illicit sex, divorce  and relationship issues and even pregnancies.

‘I predict – and this isn’t a joke – the caravan site having to call police.’

Blimey… Police to be paid for working overtime? Greedy bastards… they should do it for the love of the job!

Getting expenses for business travel too? Gawd… what next? Free uniform?

Love the ‘one inspector’… you mean the ‘we couldn’t find anyone to talk to because the cops hate us so we made it up’ you mean…

Police officers drinking? So wrong on many levels… they will be having sex next… and breathing.

Well I guess we know that the Doctor’s dipute is over eh?

They’re back on us with a vengeance…

They cite the Fed’s letter to the wankers (my new name for the government-nothing fits better IMHO) asking for ALL frontliners to have taser… they even have that odious fool of a solicitor Sophie Khan talking her usual shite…

Groan… roll on those 3-short years…



The amounts above for subsistence are under the new Windsor BS… so it seems that there is SOMETHING in the report the DM don’t like eh?



4 responses to “Hi-de-hi?

  1. Politics4fools

    How dare you live and have a social life what do you think you are human? You should be an automated robot who does what the DM wants. (Blow a fuse)

  2. They expect us to sleep in our cars I assume?

  3. Thank gods the missus doesnt read the DM I was hoping to go over the side while I was away and have a beer to boot!

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