Heh… Didn’t the Home sec say something about this NOT happening?

Securitas retail branch manager Stuart Summers wearing the uniform which will be worn be security guards on Market Street.
A team of up to 100 security guards – branded a ‘private police force’ by angry cops – will be patrolling Manchester streets within a month. Uniformed officers working in pairs will be on the streets carrying out ‘re-assurance visits’ to shops who have signed up to the city-centre scheme. They will wear stab-vests and utility belts including a radio as well as a ‘body camera’ to gather evidence of any crime or disorder. At first, just a dozen officers – mostly former police staff – will take part in the scheme, the first of its kind in the country. Although they will not have police powers of arrest, talks are under way to eventually give the officers limited powers to hand out on-the-spot fines for minor offences such as littering.
Before the ink is dry on the Home Secretary’s speech in which she said, “we won’t have private Police on the street” …we have private police on the street.
Eh? Oh sure they can’t really do much… to be sure. But… this is the way forward everyone-enjoy the ride.

4 responses to “Heh… Didn’t the Home sec say something about this NOT happening?

  1. underterraingrunter

    This is an example of how we can’t trust ANYTHING they say. This whole scam, the media war against coppers etc. etc., is an attempt to create a police state. It’s in the interests of everyone, activists, police and even criminals to co-operate in crushing the police state.

  2. Your not a tory toff riding the gravy train unless you are a proficient liar and is this woman a proficient liar.

  3. state pensioner now

    You can always tell when a politician is lying. Their lips move!

  4. There’s another side to this that not many people have mentioned yet. As things stand now, if someone wearing a police uniform (which has POLICE written on it in big letters) walks up to you and tells you to do something, then you can be sure of several things:

    1) This person is a police officer
    2) This person has at leat a vague clue what they’re on about
    3) This person is not a criminal out to scam you

    Bring on private police forces, and effectively any nerk in a yellow jacket can mooch about and tell people “I’m a copper, I am” and unless you have an encyclopaedic knowledge of just what distinguishes all the local rent-a-cop outfits from a myriad of walts, berks, and (dare I say) paedos and the like, then you’re scuppered.

    If said nerk really does have police powers then if you tell him to go do one, you’re in trouble. If on the other hand this is just some local scroat out dressing up, then when he says “I’m searching you for drugs” to some exceptionally buxom local lady then odds are she’ll comply. Ditto for fake on-the-spot fines handed out willy nilly to people; quite a few are going to fall for it.

    What I predict is this: the already-written Daily Wail story about how nobody is safe from [insert criminal type of choice here] now that they can pretend to be policemen will run, and the Government will do a U-turn.


    Now, doesn’t the Government have some department of Common Sense somewhere to tell them what’s going to happen with this one or not?

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