Ron Broxted…

Hey Ron did you know an anagram of your name is:

Box Rod Rent

anything you want to tell us?



Ron is now following me on twitter… lol

surprised he can generate enough brain power to stand, let alone press buttons…



6 responses to “Ron Broxted…

  1. Learned Council

    If you use Ronald Broxted you can make it Bent Lax Roddor. Having said that, giving him this attention is what he wants. Just ignore the cnut.

  2. Rumours circulating that I am a convicted kiddie fiddler and nonce are just lies spread about me by young children who I refused to give any sweeties.

  3. The bastards have suspended my DCI Broxted twitter and Lloyd Wymans accounts. How very dare they? Not long now before I will be being asked to remove my shoelaces and belt again. I will really miss my semen encrusted laptop, I wonder if they will find the pictures from the orphanage in Belarus ? I sincerely hope not…………Oooh matron!!!!

  4. Your re-writing efforts above referencing children have been noted,

    you are disgusting.

    I cannot wait until the new laws have the stone lifted from above you, “shijuro”

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