Tee hee… good old Ken

Cowardly internet ‘trolls’ who post vile abuse on Facebook and Twitter will be identified to their victims under laws unveiled today.

Justice Secretary Ken Clarke wants to strip away the cloak of anonymity which shields website users who peddle lies and vicious smears.

Internet companies will be expected to agree to rules over how to deal with libellous comments posted on their sites.

They will be told that – provided they agree to hand over the identity of the abuser to their victim – the internet company itself will be protected from legal action by the victim of abuse.

The overall aim of the Defamation Bill is to end ‘libel tourism’ and protect free speech. In recent years London has become the libel capital of the world.

This should be interesting… I think a lot of Trolls think that hey are completely safe and anonymous behind their proxy servers- they aren’t though…as the ISP logs their activity for various reasons.

We all know that without the cloak of anonymous emails etc. the average troll would not post ANYTHING because, like all bullies they are cowards.

So… I guess they will have to take up poison pen letters again… lol


5 responses to “Tee hee… good old Ken

  1. You do realise this law isn’t really about Trolls, but will also be broad enough to be used for getting rid of awkward whistleblowers like yourself and Inspector Gadget, right?

  2. Even from here in Australia can they hunt me down?
    Oh – bother!

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