Melv makes the BIG TIME!!!

Melv has made the bog time in the DM (his fave mag). He tells a (sniff) tragic story of (sniff) his citizens arrest of a burglar. Ignoring for a moment that Melv is a dickhead of biblical proportions, he is one of the many that believe the Police are there for THEM.


We are here for the law.

There is no ‘good people the police love and help’ any more than there is ‘bad people we go after’…there are just people that, on occasion, break the law.

Some break the law in a minor way, some more serious.

But… we cannot show favour either way-unless we fancy a bit of porridge ourselves.

Also, melv… you like many seem to think it’s all about them and what you want. To quote JFK, ‘ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country.’

“Only a fool would rely on the police to do anything other than make a difficult situation worse.” You do have a point, Dave of Chorleywood. To reward me for holding onto a burglar who had emerged from my Almondbury neighbour’s window in the early hours, police arrived to commence pressurising the criminal to demand my own arrest! The burglar responded by stating it would be OK to let me go. That is the absolute truth, Sir.

– Dr Melvin T Gray, huddersfield uk, 12/6/2012 10:49

You wouldn’t know the truth Melv if it walked up to you in broad daylight and sat on your face.
if anyone thinks he has posted the facts and is entitled etc… here is his post on another story about police pups…

Must dash to an emergency doughnut party, Rex. Just make yourself comfortable on the back seat for a few hours.

– Dr Melvin T Gray, huddersfield uk, 12/6/2012 10:19

What a knobber.

One response to “Melv makes the BIG TIME!!!

  1. Perhaps the coppers who attended Melvs fictional tale of daring do knew who he was and for that reason pressurised said burglar into agreeing to having said Doctor in tap and modern dance arrested.

    More likely the incident never took place. Even if it did I can’t think of any copper who’d encourage a burglar to press charges against someone who’s arrested them.

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