Fat, lazy, greedy, racist, overpaid, rude copper risks life!


A police officer who helped a woman hang on to the side of the bank of a fast-flowing river in Salford has been praised for her “selfless heroism”.

Lesley Coban fell into the River Irwell while trying to rescue her dog which had gone into the water on Saturday.

The 56-year-old was hanging on to a branch which snapped and left her clinging to some roots.

The female officer jumped in and was able to keep the woman hanging on until more help arrived.

Ms Coban said the officer, who has chosen not to be identified, deserved to be commended for her bravery.

“She put her life at risk to save me, what she did was above and beyond the call of duty,” she added?

The officer that has just got a job like any other wanted no publicity either… Typical of the rudeness that pervades the modern police she refused to be interviewed too… She was just happy to have a job and was looking forward to doing the same again when she is 60…

David Cameron was asked for a comment but said he had to rush off to the pub to pick up  his daughter…


4 responses to “Fat, lazy, greedy, racist, overpaid, rude copper risks life!

  1. Let us be quite clear on the source of this name-calling, shij. It was Mr Derek Barnett, President of the Police Superintendents’ Association, who voiced concerns at police self-images of ‘thick, fat, lazy blue-collar workers’.

    A most terrible state of affairs, to be sure. Nobody should suffer the indignity of rock bottom self-esteem simply because of sugar addiction, education on a budget and a capacity to think on one.

    • fcuking hell melv… a post that I can: understand… is factual and… not insulting…

      you ok?

      oh and… you are quite wrong about the name calling…it’s your mates at the DM…

      They are part of the continuing attack on public sector -prior to the Leverson enq kicking the well deserved crap out of them with legislation…

      Roll on…

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