Oooooohhh…. Get her….

I see the lack of anti-police stories has affected the media hard…

The DM has gone abroad to get one the beeb has rehashed an old one about officers selling their jub-medals… The chief of Yorkshire cops says he will “remove them from the officers record and name and shame them publically”.

Brave words… They will last until the first fed funded lawsuit arrives on his desk…then he will go sick with stress..

He might be better spending his energy asking why people are selling them?

Protest…and needing the money are my guesses …

As a man on amassive salary, pension, free car and future job as a consultant approaching he just wouldn’t get that…


5 responses to “Oooooohhh…. Get her….

  1. Pride is compulsory.

    Errrr….although i am a royalist….if an officer is of a republican mind-set, why should he not be able to sell it?
    What is causing more disaffection, pay-cuts, Winsor, Hutton…or a bobby wanting to sell his medal to help pay his bills?
    I suppose i should sign it off as ‘disgusted from dagenham’ ala Points of View.

  2. yea that’ll be right let the eton cons destroy the police force but only speak out when cops want to sell something that belongs to them.utter bloody pratt!!!

  3. Denis O'Connor

    I put mine on Ebay as soon as I heard Winsor was replacing me.

  4. Wonder if winsor gets a medal as well as £200:000.00 and a feel of Camorons arse.

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