Missing in action?

Five women ‘killed by tribal elders for dancing and singing with men at wedding party in remote Pakistani village’

As wedding scenes go, it is a rather sedate affair.

But four women who joined in the celebrations are thought to have paid with their lives.

They are feared to have been the  victims of honour killings after dancing with men.

Throats cut for dancing with men???


UN where are you?

Also seemingly without comment…

Too busy drafting lobby papers to stop the evil policemen from drinking max-pax in the cell blocks…


stopping the facists from searching people that routinely carry knives…



6 responses to “Missing in action?

  1. No chance of that mate. Firmly in the box marked “too scarey”

  2. Why are these atrocities still referred to as ‘honour killings’? There is nothing honourable about stone age barbarity and the sooner the community leaders in this country make that fact filter back to the villages in Pakistan and similar places, the sooner they can call themselves civilised people. However, I won’t holding my breath.

  3. I think you’ll find you need some cultural education training. Where killing women for , i don’t know , living. you need to understand that overlaying your imperialistic western pseudo christian/ liberal ethos upon those honourable men who simply implemented their sacred rights to treat women no better than an unruly dog are symptomatic of everything that is wrong with the vile racist organisation you belong to.
    Then again it might just be a barbaric ritualistic killing created by a slavish following to yet another irrelevant religious creed. FFS its the 21st century..

  4. I can feel another NCALT package coming very soon.

  5. the condems will just cut a bit more from the pensioners/nhs/police/british public and send another few millions to them.wonder what they will do when this country totally implodes as it is surely going to.time approaching fast.

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